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Perfection Measured by ROCCA. ‚Äč

Owner Brian Rocca is a 4th generation Jeweler, G.I.A. Graduate Gemologist (G.G.) & Accredited Jewelry Professional (A.J.P.) with over 25 years experience specializing in Jewelry Appraisal for Insurance and Fair Market Evaluations/Cost-of-Goods Appraisals for Estates, Liquidation, Brokerage, Court Cases and Trusts. Our appraisals have a clear and concise evaluation formula with expert photography and available diamond plotting. 

All Jewelry offered on this website is vintage, antique and/or estate jewelry. 

"ROCCA" has the latest gemological equipment including: A Leica made 10-60x Binocular Zoom Microscope, GIA Aus Jena Desk Spectroscope, GIA Thermal Conductivity Probe, GIA Refractometer, GIA Polariscope, GIA Dichroscope, GIA Specific Gravity Fluids, GIA Longwave//Shortwave UV Chamber, GIA Immersion Cell, GIA Chelsea Filter, GIA Troy & Carat Weight Scales, Aqua Regia, Moissonite Detector.

Brian specializes in Diamond & Colored Gem Identification

Diamond Plotting and Photography, Gold, Platinum & Silver, Coins Antique Jewelry, Timepieces and Pearls